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My day job is connected to counter-terrorism and technology, and I like to get ideas from both of those areas into my books. So, a bit controversial, but the story always come first! Blue Eyed Infidel is a fast-moving thriller, that’s easy to read and full of wild ideas, great characters and a ton of action.

The Blue-Eyed Infidel available at Amazon

Praise for The Blue-Eyed Infidel

Loved it. Great page turner with loads of action – easy and fast to read. Funny, with some crazy sci-fi ideas in it. Makes you think. Oh, and the sex is not bad either.”

Tara V H Frame

Funny, irreverent and full of twists, turns and gory surprises this is a helluva read. Futuristic flourishes blend well with old folk traditions. An insight into a dark, scary, yet sexy world that firmly has its roots in the decisions of today. Well worth a read.”

Jonny Rose

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Is the UK defenceless?

I hate it when I might be right.

According to General Sir Nicholas Carter, the chief of the general staff, the British army is at its smallest for 400 years, and not only that, the Government has ordered the Ministry of Defence to make £20billion in savings in the next decade, by any number of daft things like selling off real estate. Don’t bother asking why – you can guess, right? Stupid politicians looking to give themselves an ego boost and strut around their offices preening like exceptionally dull peacocks.

In my book, Blue Eyed Infidel, which you can get here on Amazon, one of the ideas in it is that the UK is going to get dragged into wars around the world in the future to the point we cannot really defend ourselves at home. That obviously starts with the idea that our army is shrinking, not growing.

So, you might say, why the fuck should we have to defend ourselves at home? Well, I hope we don’t ever need to, but, guess what, it’s happened before, in 1916. The Easter Rising was an armed revolt against the the British Army in Ireland, by the Irish. They had a pop then because they figured the UK army was stretched too thin committing suicide sending young men over the top in the trenches of World War 1.

These days, everyone loves the Irish and with good reason. But it’s only one generation ago that some of the place was a fucking mess, with bombs and military occupation and all sorts. If you want to hear a touching song outlining a bit of the story, go here.

Anyway, guess what, in my book it’s Islamism we need to defend ourselves against, which sounds the sort of thing that SJWs will whine about immediately and Barack Obama himself disputes any connection between Islam and terrorism.

So, yes, I hate it when I might be right, and I hope I am wrong. The key point is that if you look at world politics, some serious shit is on the cards, possibly with North Korea, China or just more nonsense in the Middle East. Either way, there’s a good chance our army isn’t merely punching above its weight, it’s fighting an ostrich wearing hobnailed boots, and it’s forgotten its jockstrap.